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ALCOHOLISM is a two-fold disease, the PHYSICAL ALLERGY and the MENTAL OBSESSION. One must first understand what is the problem. If one learns what the problem is, it is simple to get a solution. If you don`t understand the problem, then the solution seems incomprehensible.

The "Doctor’s Opinion" was written by William D. Silkworth, M.D. To many recovered alcoholics, this section of the Big Book is considered to be the most important as it describes alcoholism in terms that make sense to the real alcoholic. From this description, the alcoholic learns the exact nature of the disease of alcoholism and how hopeless this condition of mind and body seems to be. We are told why we are unable to control the amount we drink once we have taken the first few drinks. But more important, we are told why it is that we cannot manage our decision to not take the first drink once we have made a firm decision, pledge, vow, promise, etc. to never drink again.